Ultrasonic Flowmeter with W108 Insertion type transducer ELI2000

Applications 1.It can be installed into metal pipelines via an isolation ball valve (installation into pipelines of plastic or other materials may require an optional seat). 2.The maximum pipe diameter : DN2000 3.Fluid temperature range: 0°C – + 80°C 4.Sensor cable length : 10m. (Able to be extended to 200m.)

Benefits 1.Installation and extraction of the transducer can be performed without relieving pipeline pressure. 2.Pipe fluids can be contained by shutting off the ball valve when the transducer is removed. 3.An O-ring seal and joint nut guarantee user safety while installing and operating.
• Transducer:
o Encapsulated design, IP68
o Double-shielded transducer cable
Z Mounting Method Z method is the most commonly used mounting method for insertion-type ultrasonic flow meters, suitable for pipe diameters ranging from 50mm to 200mm. Due to strong signal strength and high measurement accuracy, the Z method is preferable for pipe sections severely rusted or with too much scale information on the inside wall.